Guardian Kinfolk Albury ECT writes bird book to help children to learn their ABCs

Guardian Kinfolk Albury ECT writes bird book to help children to learn their ABCs

by Freya Lucas

July 29, 2021

Christine Cameron, an early childhood teacher (ECT) from Guardian Early Learning and Childcare’s Kinfolk Albury service has created a book to support preschoolers to learn their alphabet. 


Fly through your ABC: An alphabet of Australian birds was created by Christine and features in Guardian centres around the country, as well as appearing on Guardian’s reading lists. 


In an interview with Guardian, Ms Cameron said she was inspired to create the work after not being able to find any information books about Australian birds in the context of the alphabet.


“I found a professional illustrator and designer through the Birdlife Australia shop – she had designed an alphabet Australian bird tea towel. I am really happy that our partnership resulted in the publishing of the book,” she explained. 


When asked for her advice about choosing books for children, Ms Cameron said parents and educators should choose quality books to boost children’s language skills, concentration levels, cognitive skills and books which provide children with background knowledge about their world. 


“This helps children make sense of what they see and hear,” she explained. “Reading promotes brain development, imagination and curiosity. Good quality books can help children learn about their own culture and other cultures too, so the topic of the books can really aid their learning experiences.”


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