Three reasons why CRM+, ChildcareCRM’s newest product, is winning the hearts and minds of its user community
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Three reasons why CRM+, ChildcareCRM’s newest product, is winning the hearts and minds of its user community

by Jason Roberts

July 27, 2021

Having recently launched CRM+ the team at ChildcareCRM have been busy transitioning existing customers and onboarding new ones onto the next generation customer relationship management platform and in the process experiencing first hand precisely why the system is proving to be so effective, and popular, with their user community. 


This article has been drafted with the help of Selene Di Prisco, Customer Operation Success Manager at Childcare CRM and highlights the three key immediate benefits customers are experiencing with the new CRM+ platform. 



1. A modern, fresh and now super easy to navigate next generation CRM platform



A key and recurring observation by CRM+ customers is that the system not only looks amazing but is also very easy to use. 


This feedback is entirely consistent with the objectives of ChildcareCRM’s CEO Matt Amoia who in an interview with The Sector in June said, “From a design perspective, we are incredibly proud of CRM+. It presents beautifully and with a truly modern look and feel.” 


“In addition, we have worked hard to make the actual experience easier for users by streamlining the interface and drastically reducing the number of clicks needed to navigate the system.”


The focus on reducing the number of clicks required by a user to achieve tasks has not been lost on customers who have experienced the difference and welcome the efforts made in this important area. 



2. New dashboard that provides all directors instant insights to lead progress



By updating the legacy CRM platform’s “home page” with a new customisable, real time dashboard, users are reporting that their ability to track lead management performance and identify any gaps or anomalies early has greatly increased. 


“The dashboards are so useful and a step up from the legacy system homepages that most users are used to,” Ms Di Prisco said. 

“The ability to see everything on one screen, to be able to easily track the progress of leads and really importantly to pick up any gaps before it’s too late is yielding real benefits for our customers.”


“In a market environment as competitive as the one we are in now, any opportunities for users to gain insights that improve operational and financial outcomes are really appreciated and our dashboards are certainly helping in that regard.”



3. Business rule set up tasks and language specifically tailored for ECEC sector  



Business rules, which drive workflow automation, can be quite technical and overwhelming to set up and manage for users not familiar with the tasks required and the language used to explain them. 


Through careful consultation with their customers CRM+ has been designed to speak directly to ECEC professionals across all of its interfaces but particularly in the more complex ones like the initial set up of business rules and their maintenance going forward. 


“It’s all very well having automation capabilities in your CRM system but if it’s too complicated to activate then users will be turned off very quickly,” Ms Di Prisco said.


“Fortunately that is most definitely not the case with CRM+. We are finding that our users can quickly and effectively activate their own business rules which not only helps them achieve their business objectives but also gives them a greater degree of confidence in the system itself.”


“It is these differences that set CRM+ apart in the marketplace and why customers are so happy with the product.”


To learn more about CRM+ please click here and to schedule a demo please click here.

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