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ChildcareCRM CEO shares on upcoming launch of their newest product, CRM+

by Jason Roberts

May 18, 2021

In an early childhood education and care (ECEC) services landscape that is constantly evolving it is essential that organisations servicing the sector remain ahead of the innovation curve to ensure they continue to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations. 


The Sector recently spoke with Matt Amoia, CEO of ChildcareCRM (CCRM) about the upcoming launch of CRM+, an exciting new iteration of their well known legacy system that is due for release in early June 2021.


ChildcareCRM Refreshes their Legacy Platform for Enterprise Users


CRM+, Mr Amoia said, has been in development for almost a year with the objective of creating a modern, intuitive, ‘next generation” platform that meets all of the lead management needs of enterprise type ECEC organisations. 


“From a design perspective, we are incredibly proud of CRM+. It presents beautifully and with a truly modern look and feel. In addition, we have worked hard to make the actual experience easier for users by streamlining the interface and drastically reducing the number of clicks needed to navigate the system.”


“That’s really important to us, so not only does it look amazing, it is also much easier to use.”


Raft of next generation features support Enterprise User objectives  


As well as enhancing the user experience, the team has introduced a number of new features in CRM+, built with larger organisations in mind, Mr Amoia explained. 


“We know that modern CRM systems need to not just look and feel amazing but also must have excellent features that harness the power of technology today and that’s why we have added a range of new features into CRM+.”


Some of the new features include:


  • New drag-and-drop email editor: A new email editor helps create personalised, branded emails that help convert prospective families to enrolled families.
  • New workflow automations: Eliminate repetitive tasks—like scheduling future tasks—with easy automations that save time.
  • New custom reporting: Use custom reporting to make data-driven decisions about the business based on different roles or personas across the organisation.


“When we combined these with our new Family Hub that keeps all family information in one place and our new highly flexible dashboards, there is no doubt that CRM+ has been designed specifically with multi-site and enterprise childcare organisations in mind,” he added. 


“It contains features that are right at the cutting edge of current CRM technologies and will serve these types of operators really well.”


Plans for the launch already well advanced, seamless transition the number one priority


CRM+ is scheduled to launch in early June 2021, with plans now well advanced to manage the seamless transition of users from the legacy platform to the new one. 


At its core, Mr Amoia explained, CRM+ is the same platform that has served users well for years. It’s the same CRM product that customers using the system currently know and love, with a different look, feel, clicks and interface. 


“We are very passionate about making sure that there’s no obvious interruption to business and the day-to-day,” he emphasised, highlighting the investments made by CCRM in developing change management and training initiatives that will support a seamless transition.


Existing customers who prefer the base product will be able to continue to use the legacy system if that’s what they prefer. 


“We’re not forcing anyone to move anywhere,” Mr Amoia said. “ At the end of the day we are in service to our users and what they want is what we will do.”

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