VIT notifies Victorian ECTs that applications for NCCHC are being delayed due to demand

VIT notifies Victorian ECTs that applications for NCCHC are being delayed due to demand

by Freya Lucas

July 20, 2021

The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) has shared information with Victorian early childhood teachers (ECTs) that police checking services are experiencing higher than normal demands and as such, those seeking five-yearly Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks (NCCHC) are experiencing longer than typical times for these to be processed and returned.


In Victoria ECTs are required to consent to a five-yearly NCCHC in order to become, and remain, registered. 


The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) advised VIT of the demand/delay issue, noting that the demand means that the NCCHCs for those applying for teacher registration may take upwards of six weeks to be returned. 


“We have been informed these delays are likely to carry into the upcoming annual registration period (commencing 2 August) and will affect the assessment times for those teachers required to conduct their five-yearly NCCHC,” VIT CEO Peter Corcoran said.


VIT is currently notifying all new applicants of the delays and will issue communications to those teachers who are due for their five-yearly update as part of their annual renewal.


In a mail out to subscribers, VIT emphasised that even if a renewing teacher’s NCCHC has not returned by 30 September 2021, they are deemed to be registered for a period of three months after their expiry date. 


“Their registration will remain current until 31 December 2021 and, unless they hold non-practising registration, they can continue to undertake the duties of a teacher until that date,” a spokesperson said. 


ECTs or service leaders who wish to check current registration status can search the public register or login to the Employer portal. If a teacher’s name appears on the register, they are registered and permitted to teach – even if their expiry date is in the past.


Further information is available through the VIT website, here.