Jodie Harrison visits St Nicholas Early Childhood Education Centre
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Jodie Harrison visits St Nicholas Early Childhood Education Centre

by Freya Lucas

July 02, 2021

New South Wales Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Learning, Jodie Harrison recently visited St Nicholas Early Education in Muswellbrook as part of her tour of early childcare centres across the State.


“Part of my job is to meet as many teachers and educators as possible so that I can have a good understanding of what’s happening in the industry and what should be government policy,” Ms Harrison told local publication Hunter Valley News


“I want to know what’s working well, and what’s not working, for educators and also families,” she continued.


Service director Nicole McKenzie showed Ms Harrison through natural outdoor play spaces and open-plan classrooms, specially designed to promote play-based learning.


“It’s really exciting to see something that’s been built for purpose,” Ms Harrison told the local news source. 


Ms Harrison and Ms McKenzie were joined on tour by Aaron Moon, the principal of St James’ Primary School, which shares space with the early childhood service. 


Mr Moon is a regular visitor to the centre, something he hopes will ensure a smooth transition of children in their service to school.


Preschool children who attend St Nicholas Early Education will also have the opportunity to go on excursions and experience the school firsthand before commencing kindergarten.


“One of the challenges that I often hear from early childhood educators is that they’re concerned that a lot of the work they do in giving our little people the best possible start in life might not be picked up when they transition to school,” Ms Harrison said.


“This setup, having a school right next to an early childhood centre, will hopefully mean that the transition is made so much easier for the children, but also provides an opportunity for a united approach to their education,” she concluded.


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