Guardian Childcare and Education shares sustainability focus based on four key areas

Guardian Childcare and Education shares sustainability focus based on four key areas

by Freya Lucas

July 02, 2021

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Guardian Childcare and Education has outlined its commitment to embedding sustainability in its children’s programs, outlining the four key areas of sustainability which it focuses on: 


  • Electricity reduction and efficiency 
  • Waste management (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) 
  • Indoor and outdoor greenery 
  • Resourcing of its centres 


Sustainability Practices and Programs provide the opportunity to teach children more than just practical learning outcomes like literacy and numeracy, a spokesperson said. 


“Our well-rounded early education approach also focuses on social and emotional outcomes, which sets a solid foundation for learning and paves the way for a successful transition to school,. and sustainability is a powerful way to teach this.” 


The learning outcomes that link specifically to the National Sustainability Program include:  


Children understanding the world around them and their impact – contributing and connecting to their world  


Environmental responsibility - caring for our environment through the four sustainability pillars highlighted in the Guardian handbook  


Being part of a community - awareness of simple rules and being fair: “This space is for everyone – we don’t just throw our rubbish on the floor”.  


Collaboration. Children learn to work as a team when enjoying sustainability experiences and to share, cooperate and take turns. 


Creativity. Guardian teams “create the most amazing sustainability experiences that also bring curiosity and creativity to life” including building recycled fairy houses, tending to vegetable gardens and growing avocados from seeds where the children get to see the plant “springing to life.”


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