For National Science Week Little Scientists wants us to play with our food
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For National Science Week Little Scientists wants us to play with our food

by Freya Lucas

July 02, 2021

While playing with food is something that is discouraged at many dinner tables around the country, for National Science Week (held in August), Little Scientists is encouraging children and educators to “dig right in and play” while exploring the multiple opportunities for children to learn STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) concepts, building critical thinking, problem solving and research skills found in playing with their food.


Little Scientists Australia is inviting parents, educators, teachers and children around Australia to join in for a simultaneous morning tea virtual incursion during which expert early STEM educators Hayley Bates and Lena Hammond will be guiding fun investigations and sharing some surprising observations by exploring the food we eat over morning tea.


“We know that young children are innately curious,” Ms Bates said, adding that “harnessing that curiosity in a playful and fun way is the best way to spark wonder and the joy of discovery.”


Early STEM experiences are crucial to the development and continuation of positive learning dispositions through children’s education, she continued. “What better way to investigate this year’s National Science Week theme and have fun by seeing how loud a carrot can be crunched? It’s going to be great fun!”


The event promises to be ‘nothing like your typical science class’ and is billed as being a hands-on experience, with participants encouraged to have their morning tea with them– preferably a variety of fruits and coloured vegetables so adults and children can play along at home or in their school or service whilst watching the event streamed live.


This free National Science Week event will be held on August 17, 18 or 19 and will demonstrate some simple techniques to cultivate children’s skills and excitement for STEM exploration and enrich educators’ repertoire of STEM activities. 


Sign up to the event here and find out more about Little Scientists Australia on their website

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