G8 Education boosts lockdown spirits in Vic while supporting local small businesses

G8 Education boosts lockdown spirits in Vic while supporting local small businesses

by Freya Lucas

June 07, 2021

G8 Education showed its appreciation for educators working through the latest lockdown measures at the group’s 144 Victorian early childhood education and care (ECEC) services late last week, lifting their spirits by ‘shouting’ them lunch. 


Centres were asked to identify a local business of their choice to cater a lunch for the service, with many ordering from local cafes and takeaway restaurants, some of them run by families whose children attend centres.


In Mornington, Community Kids put in 17 orders for lunch at Some Guys Coffee, owned by one of their centre families. Owner Guy Francis had stood on the side of a road with a placard pleading “Save My Café, Buy a Coffee”. The Community Kids team went one better, ordering a delicious package of goodies that were delivered to the door.


At Headstart Croydon, team members made sure their G8-funded lunch order went to a local café whose owner raises money for Lifeline after losing her son to suicide in 2015.


Uncle Sam’s Charcoal Chicken not only received a big order from Great Beginnings Pakenham, the children at the centre sent back a lovely thank you letter on their educators’ behalf.


Explaining the motivation behind the gesture, G8 Education CEO, Gary Carroll, said “the impact of a single gesture of kindness had the power to change lives.”


“We wanted our team members in Victoria to know that we truly appreciate the amazing work they do as educators, carers and valued members of their local communities,” he shared.


“Being an essential worker so often means that your own needs come second to others. This is the fourth time in a year that early childhood educators and teachers have been called upon to ensure the rest of Victoria can keep on working, and they’ve used this simple thank you from us to do good for others by supporting local businesses.”


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