“No call goes unanswered” pledge resonates as Enrolment Hub steps up service enquiry management support
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“No call goes unanswered” pledge resonates as Enrolment Hub steps up service enquiry management support

by Jason Roberts

June 01, 2021

Enrolment Hub, the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector’s leading support services partner, continues to highlight its “no call goes unanswered” pledge as a core component of its popular enquiry management service for ECEC providers. 


“Our enquiry management service is specifically designed to provide operators and service managers 100 per cent confidence that each and every enquiry that is received by their service is answered quickly and professionally,” Jane Monaghan, Founder and CEO of Enrolment Hub said.


“We understand just how important converting enquiries is and also how busy service directors can get on a day to day basis. So using our experience in this crucial area our “No call goes unanswered” pledge is really resonating with our customers right now.”


End to end enquiry management service crafted to support boosting enrolment


The Enrolment Hub enquiry management service includes a range of practical supports that are designed to ensure that every single enquiry received into the service, regardless of channel is answered promptly, with enquiring families given all the support they need to progress. 


The key components of the offer include:


  • Speaking with families to answer their questions regarding the service, offerings, and the enrolment process
  • Arranging and booking tours at times pre-specified by the Service Director with details added to the Service calendar
  • Send a tour confirmation email to the family so they have all their Centre tour details
  • Providing Service Directors with a run down of what was discussed with the family prior to the tour
  • Add families to the service waitlist if they are not ready to tour


In addition, Enrolment Hub will provide comprehensive sales training to all team members to support effective phone engagement and tour optimisations with run sheet templates to ensure consistency of message for all team members involved in the sales process. 


“What we have learnt over the years is that effective enquiry management is a two stage process,” Jane said, “on one hand we need to ensure that enquiries are answered and parents happy and on the other team members are consistently sharing the same message and level of professionalism in all of their engagements.”


Marketing support also available to drive enquiry generation 


“We don’t just offer enquiry management services, we also offer a range of other key supports including in the marketing space,” Jane said. 


“Some services are happy with the level of enquiries being received and just need help processing them efficiently, and others need help in generating enquiries. Our experienced in-house marketing team has extensive skills in generating genuine leads that services can then move to convert effectively.”


The Enrolment Hub marketing support packages includes the following key elements:


  • Provide insight into your main competitors, audience, marketing opportunities, active selling points and messaging focus
  • Develop and implement strategic and engaging digital campaigns focused specifically on increasing brand awareness and driving new service enquiries
  • Develop social content calendars that tell your brand story and increase your brand presence


The Enrolment Hub marketing team can also assume complete management ownership of a services website and digital channels so as to free service directors from managing what can sometimes be a complex and time consuming task. 


For more information about Enrolment Hub and their enquiry management and marketing services contact Scott at [email protected] or visit the Enrolment Hub website here


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