Enrolment Hub kicks off 2021 with strong demand for services
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Enrolment Hub kicks off 2021 with new customer wins as demand for support services jumps

by Jason Roberts

February 09, 2021

Enrolment Hub, the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector’s leading support services partner, has confirmed that demand for their range of services has been strong thus far in 2021 with the Group successfully signing up a number of new high profile customers. 


“We have had a very busy start to 2021 with significant amounts of interest focused on our centralised enquiry and enrolment services which are proving incredibly popular in the current market given the levels of competition and overall priority to maximise enrolment levels,” Jane Monaghan, Founder and CEO of Enrolment Hub said


Jane founded Enrolment Hub, in 2016, and the Group has since become the ECEC sector’s number one choice when it comes to enquiry and enrolment support with their “extension of your team” model at the centre of their success. 


“We have always considered ourselves to be more than just partners to our customers,” Jane said “Our model requires us to assume responsibility for a very important set of mission critical functions. As such, it is essential that we align with a centre’s philosophy, values and professionalism to ensure that every contact with a potential lead is of the highest quality.”


The core services in Enrolment Hub’s enquiry and enrolment management offer are: 


  • Being the first point of contact for an enquiring parent who is interested in learning more about a centre
  • Arranging all centre tours for interested families in conjunction with the centre manager and then following up with families post tour
  • Actively managing the centres waitlist to ensure timely follow ups and subsequent tour bookings 
  • Working with centre managers to strategically transition children to accommodate waitlisted children across the centre
  • Providing comprehensive reporting on a weekly basis to not only provide context on enrolment progress but also actionable insights to help services improve


“It’s easy to see why we see ourselves as an extension of our partners’ teams,” Jane said.


“The more effective we are at managing and nurturing leads, the more successful they are, so taking that approach sets us all up for success.”


Although enquiry management and enrolment management are the foundational service offerings at Enrolment Hub, they have also over time broadened their support service feature set to include a range of complementary services such as administrative support, debt management and marketing support, and, more recently, CCS transition and new centre ramp up support.  


“We are excited to have broadened out our service offering to the sector. If our objective is to be an ‘extension of the team’ then helping in other areas like debt management and office administration is a natural progression for us.”


For more information about Enrolment Hub contact Scott at [email protected] or visit https://enrolmenthub.com.au/  

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