Enrolment Hub sees strong demand for CCMS transfer services amidst jump in activity across ECEC sector
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Enrolment Hub sees strong demand for CCMS transfer services amidst jump in activity across ECEC sector

by Jason Roberts

April 06, 2021

Enrolment Hub, the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector’s leading support services partner, has confirmed that demand for their customised CCMS transfer support services has picked up in light of a jump in transfer activity across the sector in recent months. 


“2021 has started well for Enrolment Hub with significant amounts of interest in our centralised enquiry and enrolment services however in recent weeks we have seen an uptick in demand from providers looking to secure our CCMS transfer services too,” Jane Monaghan, Founder and CEO of Enrolment Hub said.


“What we provide in the CCMS transition support space is quite specialised, with very few independent organisations having the requisite skills, experience and relationships to guarantee a smooth and seamless transition from one CCMS platform to another.”


“Enrolment Hub really is the leader right now and we are fortunate to be able to step up just when the sector needs it most.”


Planning and “transition roadmap” at the heart of the CCMS transfer support service


A key component of the Enrolment Hub CCMS transfer support service is the “transition roadmap” which not only defines precisely what actions need to be taken to ensure a smooth transition but also when and is created through a consultative collaboration with the service and onboarding team members. 


“At the end of the day we are a support services expert, so we know exactly how to work with organisations to achieve the very best outcomes. CCMS transfers are about working together as a team, and that is something we excel at.” Jane said. 


“Our roadmaps are very comprehensive, and they need to be, because of the importance of ensuring that the transfer of information is accurate and also that team members are properly prepared to manage the new system after implementation. 


Audit and training services post implementation are an important focus


Included in the roadmap is a range of tasks that need to be actioned before the ‘go live’ date, however, getting the post implementation period right is essential to long term success. 


“We have often found that due to high work loads and general busyness of service leaders, they sometimes are not able to check that the information that has been transferred across to the new system is complete,” Jane explained. 


“This is an area where we really standout, in that we have audit processes that we run that ensure the completeness and accuracy of the transfer across the entire system. It is so important that this is done correctly because of the compliance and business needs of the service.”


In addition to auditing tasks post implementation, the Enrolment Hub team use their extensive system knowledge to build on any initial training provided by the onboarding CCMS provider to ensure that team members knowledge and confidence in using the new system is functional and effective. 


For more information about Enrolment Hub and their CCMS transfer services contact Scott at [email protected] or visit the Enrolment Hub website here.  

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