Juliet Davis from Great Beginnings recognised for extensive sustainability measures

Juliet Davis from Great Beginnings recognised for extensive sustainability measures

by Freya Lucas

February 26, 2021

Child height washing lines, stacks of cardboard boxes in the activity area, and water conservation measures are just some of the many sustainability measures in play at Great Beginnings Secret Harbour which earned employee Juliet Davis recognition as National Stand Out Educator Award for Sustainability at G8 Education’s annual awards.


Ms Davis said she was “passionate about teaching children the little ways they could help create a sustainable future,” outlining her passion for the ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle.


“We are constantly looking at ways to get the kids more aware about how they can make a difference in the world and how they can then become sustainable adults,” she told local publication The West Australian


Ms Davis serves as “an inspiring example of the critical role early childhood educators play in shaping the next generation,” G8 CEO Gary Carroll said. 


The initiatives Ms Davis has implemented, he continued, outlined that every little thing can make a big difference to sustainability outcomes. 


Some of the measures she undertook included not using the centre dryer, pegging laundry on the line to try, and saving energy by being mindful of lights and other electricity draining appliances when not in use. 


Area manager Candice Lee Gertau said that the initiatives Ms Davis has implemented are an example of early childhood education “in the best possible way – learning through play and practice.”


“Her passion for early childhood education and the environment had won the hearts and minds of the children in her care as well as the broader community,” Ms Gertau said.


“Nothing goes to waste at the centre and our families and community are aware of the constant message she is trying to teach about sustainable practices.” 


The national award winners were announced last week at a virtual award ceremony, with Ms Davis being selected in the sustainability category from a pool of over 10,000 educators from across the country.