Camden Preschool Kindergarten’s Millie Birkic lauded as local champion
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Camden Preschool Kindergarten’s Millie Birkic lauded as local champion

by Freya Lucas

January 27, 2021

Camden Preschool Kindergarten Director and Educator Millie Birkic is being celebrated as a ‘local champion educator’ in recognition of her 28 years of service to the role. 


Peers nominated Ms Birkic for the ‘local champion’ honour, recognising that she goes “above and beyond” her role to reach and teach the children in her care. 


Humbled by the recognition, Ms Birkic told local paper Camden Narellan Advertiser that early childhood education is a profession in which a difference can truly be made. 


“When the children leave at the end of the year, I believe we’ve made a difference to their start at ‘big school’.”


The preschool is a not-for-profit organisation which has been operating – with the help of a volunteer parent management board – for 55 years, and educates up to 100 children per week, all aged between four and five years of age. 


“The place is fantastic, we’re really lucky, and our children are really lucky to have the environment we do. We have a massive outdoor environment that the kids can enjoy,” Ms Birkic said.


“Everything we do is geared towards keeping the preschool going, making it new and exciting and up-to-date.”


Having held the position for such a long time, a definite highlight is having former charges return for a visit. 


“One of my past families popped in to say hello the other day and the children were in Year 6 and half way through high school,” she told the Camden Narellan Advertiser.


“If a family comes to you early enough you can have the whole family of children, and we tend to assign the one educator to that family – so you get excited when they come back.


The Sector congratulates Ms Birkic on her achievements. To read the original coverage of this story, see here

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