Cassowary Coast FDC educators honoured in Scheme Awards
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Cassowary Coast FDC educators honoured in Scheme Awards

by Freya Lucas

December 06, 2019

Two early childhood educators have been recognised for excellence in the 2019 Cassowary Coast Family Day Care Scheme Awards. Georgina Zadelj from Garradunga and Felica Burridge from Innisfail were the winners in the two categories for Educator of the Year.


Ms Zadelj was announced as the winner of the Parent Nominated category, while Ms Burridge won in the Peer-Nominated category. In each case, the learning environments created by the educators were an important part of their winning status, Cassowary Coast Regional Council Mayor John Kremastos said.


He noted that both Ms Zadelj and Ms Burridge were “deserving winners” who should be recognised for the role they play in helping young children to feel challenged and confident, and to have fun while they learn. 


“Early-learning educators have a special role to play in the community, helping to raise and teach the next generation of children” the Mayor said, adding that the Awards are not only about the winners,“but ultimately a recognition of all who took part.”


The awards recognise home-based educators in the region who provide family day care for children aged zero to four years of age, and after-school and holiday care for children up to 12 years of age.


Entrants were evaluated on a range of criteria, including communication with children, parents and colleagues; creating supportive, safe and stimulating learning environments; and building links with other organisations and agencies.


Emphasising the value of the early years, Mayor Kremastos said that while many consider formal learning to begin once children start school, “without children getting the quality education they receive from these family day-care services, many would be missing out on educational opportunities.”


For more information about family day care on the Cassowary Coast, please see here

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