ECEC Innovation Forum 2020 - Virtual Edition preparations move into final stretch
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ECEC Innovation Forum 2020 – Virtual Edition preparations move into final stretch

by Jason Roberts

October 06, 2020

Since making the decision to convert the ECEC Innovation Forum 2020 to a free virtual event, the Sector Publishing team have been busy transitioning what was originally billed as the early education and care (ECEC) sector’s first large scale face to face conference focusing entirely on innovation into a sector first entirely online large scale event experience. 


The Forum, which will kick off on 28 October 2020, aims to bring together voices from across the ECEC sector to share their experience of what innovation means to them, how innovation is being harnessed in their organisations and what the future may hold for the ECEC sector going forward. 


Of particular focus will be how the sector has navigated the COVID-19 pandemic and how innovation as a means to foster positive change is supporting better outcomes for children, team members and families in a world where COVID-19 is for the moment, ever present.  


Commenting, Jason Roberts CEO of Sector Publishing said “We are thrilled at the support we have received from the sector since making the decision to convert the Forum to a free virtual event. It has been a busy time pulling all of the different pieces together but with three weeks to go we are super excited about how our planning is progressing and the prospects of delivering something very special to the entire ECEC community.”


The event which will be presented across a range of entirely online formats including keynotes, expert panels, one on one interviews and workshops, will also include novel session types such as topic blasts, innovator 360’s and lightening keynotes all designed to ensure the virtual experience is as engaging and informative as possible. 


With the program now finalised over 50 panelists, speakers and interviewees, all of which are senior leaders and/or thought leaders at Australia’s best known ECEC institutions, are scheduled to participate. 


Importantly, there will also be over twenty innovators who provide services into the ECEC sector showcasing their latest products via a custom designed virtual booth and the aforementioned topic blasts and innovator 360 session formats. 


“The virtual platform we have partnered with really lends itself to providing a truly comprehensive experience for our delegates. Not only will they be able to see and hear the biggest names in ECEC share their insights they will also be able to interact with the sector’s leading innovators through our unique virtual booth interfaces,” Mr Roberts said. 


The Forum itself will be held over four days commencing the 28 October, followed by 29 October and then 4 and 5 November, with each day being dedicated to the four main innovation themes namely, innovations that improve organisational outcomes, innovations in practice and pedagogy, innovations in professional learning and innovations in construction and design.”


“With three weeks to go until the event commences we are urging everyone to register as soon as they can,” Mr Roberts said “The Virtual Community will open on 14 October at which point delegates can select their preferred sessions and register for workshops.”


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