COVID related stress support trial to be conducted for Victorian ECEC services

by Freya Lucas

September 18, 2020

Staff members and leaders in Victorian early childhood education and care (ECEC) services who are experiencing workplace stress and anxiety as a result of COVID-19 are being invited to join the WorkSafe Wellbeing Support Trial to access free confidential support.  


A collaboration between WorkSafe Victoria, the Early Learning Association Australia (ELAA), and Injurynet, the trial is aiming to connect ECEC employees with support, advice and tools to manage mental health within their services. 


Those who make contact with the trial prior to October 7 will be able to access up to four telehealth sessions with a mental health professional, which will be both confidential and free.


Injurynet are an independent network of mental health professionals providing health and wellbeing support to prevent and reduce the impact of injury and illness in the workplace. 


The trial will support WorkSafe to understand if this is a service which would be of benefit to the sector, however WorkSafe and employers will not have access to personal details.


To be eligible for participation, ECEC employees must be: 


  • currently working
  • experiencing increased work-related stress and anxiety as a result of COVID-19
  • have no active claims
  • have no access to EAP or other mental health support services through work.


The trial, which has limited places for eligible participants, is not connected to the WorkSafe claims process, and using the service does not initiate, or impact, on any future claims. Participation is optional, and may be withdrawn at any time. 


For more information, or to register interest in the trial, please see here