New social media campaign targets ECEC transport - look before you lock

New social media campaign targets ECEC transport – look before you lock

by Freya Lucas

September 08, 2020

A “haunting” new campaign has been launched in Queensland to help prevent potentially fatal situations where children are left behind in buses. The Look Before You Lock campaign promotes the importance of early childhood education and care (ECEC) services taking every possible action to ensure children are transported safely. 


Alongside the social media campaign, QLD Education Minister Grace Grace explained, new stickers will be placed in every vehicle that transports children across the state. 


“Every day, families across Queensland rely on early childhood services and transport operators to transport their children safely,” Ms Grace said, adding that the safety of this process, and of the children themselves, is paramount.


Describing the death of a young boy in Cairns earlier this year in these circumstances as “a tragedy that cannot be repeated”, Ms Grace said services must be vigilant to the possible dangers when transporting children and have strategies in place to manage any risks and protect the children in their care.


The campaign will also highlight new guidance that maps out the essential steps services should follow before, during and after any journey in a vehicle, and educate parents on what they should expect from an ECEC service transporting their child. 


More information is available on the campaign website, here