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Affinity to roll out social learning platform Flipgrid

by Jason Roberts

July 20, 2020

Affinity Education has confirmed that it will be rolling out Flipgrid, a video based social learning platform that is facilitated by educators but populated by children, to all of its centres by the end of 2020. 


The Flipgrid initiative came together following tougher social distancing measures in the wake of COVID-19, during which many families chose to keep their children at home. As such, parents, children, early childhood teachers (ECTs) and educators were searching for a way to remain connected while also extending on children’s learning experiences, both inside and outside the service. 


“We know from research that the two years before a child starts school are critical learning times, and that for many children, their opportunities to attend our kindergarten or preschool programs around Australia may be limited to as little as twice or three times a week” Education team lead Dr Lesley Jones said, giving further context to the work. 


Flipgrid, which was initially trialed in Papilio Early Learning Preschool classrooms in New South Wales, was identified as the best solution for ECTs due to its social and distance learning qualities, its ease of use and its ability to engage children and families. 


The platform’s core functionality enables an educator to pose a question on a topic in video form to their community of learners, called “grids”, who then each respond in video to the question creating a web of discussion all contained within the platform itself and available to be viewed by the classroom.


This collaboration and connection, Dan Bowen, Technology Strategist at Microsoft said, gives even the youngest learners the opportunity to reflect on, discuss and showcase their learning, as well as what they might be making, reading, solving or experiencing, at home or in their education and care service. 


“It really boosts their deep learning and engagement,” he added. 


The launch to families has now been activated in more than 40 Lifelong Learning Centres across Australia, with a full national roll-out will take place during 2020, Dr Jones said.


To learn more about Flipgrid please click here

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