Property innovation with Woodlea sales centre designed to transform into ECEC space

by Freya Lucas

March 16, 2020

A master planned community, located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne at Rockbank, has looked to the future, designing its third sales and discovery centre, known as the Woodlea Hub, with the intention of adapting the building into a childcare centre in five years time, aiming to minimise waste and its impact on the environment.


The sales hub was designed by McCabe Architects and Bailey Studio, and has been designed with consideration for not only durability, but also sustainability, via the installation of recycled timber and solar panels.


In its present configuration, the Hub includes a social enterprise café, a children’s activity centre and surrounding playground, and an exhibition space. Speaking to Architecture and Design, Director of McCabe Architects Michael McCabe said the natural surroundings of Woodlea heavily informed the design, as well as wanting to foster a sense of community. 


Mr McCabe described the build as “welcoming, sophisticated and aspirational” as well as sustainable. 


“The repurposing of buildings is not only cost-effective, but minimises waste and impact on the environment” he told Architecture and Design


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