KU outlines strategic plan acknowledging 125 years of social impact in Australian ECEC

KU outlines strategic plan acknowledging 125 years of social impact in Australian ECEC

by Freya Lucas

March 04, 2020

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider, KU celebrates 125 years of social impact in 2020, marking the occasion with the release of a strategic plan, designed to govern them over the next three years in continuing to make a difference to the lives of children and families through the delivery of high quality early childhood education and care programs.


Following a launch to KU staff, the plan was launched publicly via video, by KU CEO Christine Legg who said that while the Strategic Plan represents a commitment to respond to the changing needs of families, and to adapt to better reflect the communities KU serves, some things would remain as they have always been.


“Things that are at the core of who we are have endured over time; KU remains very proudly not-for-profit, and we are uncompromising in our commitment to quality early education because we believe Australian children deserve nothing less” she said.


Presented as a roadmap for the organisation, the plan reaffirms KU’s vision and purpose before outlining four key priorities for the 2020 -2022 period namely:

  1. Deliver, lead and inspire educational excellence
  2. Have a thriving professional workforce
  3. Be financially sustainable and scalable
  4. Make a positive social impact


The plan was developed with a forward thinking approach, one which Ms Legg said “looked to the future and considered how KU can have an even greater impact; and how we can continue making a difference for children through early education and care in a rapidly changing world.”


Some guiding questions used in developing the plan included how to leverage KU strengths, what changes needed to be made moving forward, and what consolidations or improvements needed to be made.


“Importantly,” Ms Legg said “we also considered how to do this whilst staying true to ourselves, to the uniqueness of KU and our vision for Australian children.”


A booklet about the Strategic Plan was created for families, which is available here, alongside a poster outlining key elements of the plan.


More information about the plan is available on the KU website, here.