Goodstart adopts enhanced bus safety measures
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Goodstart adopts enhanced bus safety measures

by Jason Roberts

March 03, 2020

Goodstart Early Learning will reinstate bus services to transport children to and from centres tomorrow and have confirmed that they have introduced a set of additional safety measures to further strengthen their bus policies and procedures which they have shared with the ECEC sector.


The resumption of service follows a two week suspension amidst an extensive network wide review initiated in the wake of the tragic loss of a young boy’s life when he was found in a Goodstart bus on 18 February. 


The review, which also included refresher training initiatives, formed part of a broader response outlined by CEO Julia Davison in a letter to families released 26 February 2020, and was led by Goodstart’s national Safe Work team. 


“Our focus on quality, safety and reconciliation will continue while we learn the lessons from this tragic event – and share them with others in the sector to protect all Australian children” said Ms Davison.


The key enhancements arising as a result of the review include the following:


  • There will now be three clearly designated roles in the new bus procedure: Driver, Supervisor and Checker. Each will have specific roles and responsibilities


  • The staff member who has the Supervisor role on the bus is now required to sit at the back of the bus for the whole journey and check the bus is empty as they move towards the door


  • A centre-based Checker will inspect the bus upon its return to the centre, double-check the roll and check off the children and observe adherence to procedure by the Driver and Supervisor. Once the children are returned to the Centre the Checker will take photographs to show the bus is now empty and then upload them to iAuditor (which allows for remote auditing in real-time)


In addition, new easy to follow guides and role specific lanyards were sent to all relevant centres along side mandatory training, Ms Davison said


A more detailed look at the new procedures can be seen in this video


Commenting on the completion of the review and new measures, Ms Davison reiterated Goodstart’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of all children in their care, noting “we had very strong procedures in place and now we are moving to strengthen them even further.” 

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