Tehan announces fee relief for bushfire affected families and firefighters

Tehan announces fee relief for bushfire affected families and firefighters

by Freya Lucas

February 16, 2020

A new measure, allowing families impacted by the bushfires to receive third-party contributions towards their childcare fees without it affecting their Child Care Subsidy (CCS) entitlement, has been announced by the Federal Government, aimed at “making it easier for the generous donations from Australians to make a difference to families impacted by bushfires”.


Federal Minister for Education Dan Tehan said the Government’s new measure meant families impacted by fire and firefighters would receive the full benefit from donations as well as state and territory government payments providing fee relief.


“People have opened their hearts and their wallets for the Australians impacted by bushfires and the brave men and women fighting those fires,” Mr Tehan said, noting that the change will mean families have “one less thing to worry about”.


The measure will cover the entire summer period for volunteer firefighters “in recognition of the extraordinary amounts of time they have spent protecting homes, properties, communities and lives throughout Australia.”


“For families impacted by the bushfire disaster, this measure will apply for a 12-month period to help them deal with the immediate effects of the bushfires and the ongoing recovery of their communities,” Mr Tehan said. 


This new legislation supplements Family Assistance Law amendments passed by Parliament late last year, which allows for certain third parties to contribute to the cost of care for vulnerable and disadvantaged families.


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