Evolve AGM completed with all resolutions passed as acting Chair recaps FY2019

by Jason Roberts

September 18, 2019

Evolve Education Group held their Annual General Meeting in Auckland today at which all five resolutions presented were passed and the acting Chair, in her final address, welcomed the new Board and recapped events of the previous 12 months. 


The five resolutions presented and passed were as follows:


  • Resolution 1: That the Board be authorised to fix the fees and expenses of PWC as auditor for the ensuing year.
  • Resolution 2: That Chris Scott be elected as a director of Evolve Education Group Limited.
  • Resolution 3: That Chris Sacre be elected as a director of Evolve Education Group Limited.
  • Resolution 4: That Hamish Stevens be elected as a director of Evolve Education Group Limited.
  • Resolution 5: That, effective from the close of the Annual Meeting, the constitution of Evolve be amended in the form and manner described in the Explanatory Notes.


Norah Barlow, acting and soon to be outgoing Chair, provided an address to the meeting in which she highlighted the renewal that had taken place at a Board level in the last 12 months and also commented on the extent of early education and care experience that the new Board possessed. 


Commenting she said “The important point to note here is that Evolve, from the early education sector viewpoint, will have its most experienced Board/management team since listing on the NZX.”


Ms Barlow then went on to recap some of the highlights of 2019, which included the challenged financial performance of the business, the capital management plan completion and subsequent capital raising of $63 million, the transition out of the business of the previous Chief Executive Officer Rosanne Graham and the appointment of Chris Sacre as Country Manager for Australia. 


She also confirmed that the Country Manager for New Zealand announcement would follow in the near future. 


Looking ahead, newly appointed Managing Director Mr Scott is currently in the midst of a comprehensive review of the New Zealand operations of Evolve and will provide an overview of his findings at the presentation of Evolve’s Half Year results in late November 2019. 


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