“Raise the bar”: Affinity CEO calls ECEC providers to rise to ALP proposed preschool funding

by Lyndsie Clark

October 18

Affinity Education Group CEO Tim Hickey has said that childcare providers need to rise to the occasion if the ALP wins the next federal election and enacts its reform by continuing to invest in quality education and care to justify the additional investment of taxpayer dollars.


“If the government is going to invest more taxpayer dollars then it is incumbent on childcare operators to continue to invest in quality and education…ultimately raising the bar and outcomes for our youngest generation,” he told The Sector.


Mr Hickey’s comments follow the announcement of the Australian Labor Party’s proposed two-year preschool funding reform. He said that the reform is a very positive development that “the benefits of early education and positive impact on children’s growth and development is now gaining widespread awareness”.


Mr Hickey also said that the funding was “a good move that could significantly improve the productivity of the Australian workforce over time”.


Mr Hickey also said that states, such as Western Australia, who currently do not have a compulsory kindergarten program for four year olds, will need to move to fund preschool in the same way as other states to avoid falling behind, however he said that this is unlikely to happen in the near future.