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New preschool for Mount Barker as SA Government continues education focus

by Freya Lucas

July 03, 2024

A new preschool will be built in the Adelaide Hills suburb of Mount Barker as South Australia continues its strong focus on education as part of the 2024-25 State Budget. 


Education infrastructure is a key component of the Budget, with more than $218 million allocated to build the new preschool, a primary school in Mount Barker and a new high school in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, in response to demand due to population growth.


A further $38.1 million will be invested into a number of schools across the state to address urgent upgrades for facilities and expansions to ensure capacity.


This will include:


  • Surrey Downs Primary School – $16.5 million
  • Bellevue Heights Primary School – $7.6 million
  • Mount Gambier High School – $6 million
  • Le Fevre High School – $4 million
  • Mount Barker High School – $4 million$155.3 million has been allocated for the new high school in the northern suburbs – which is a key urban growth area – providing an additional capacity for 1300 places. The school is expected to commence operations in 2028.


In Mount Barker $62.7 million has been allocated to construct the new preschool, providing an additional 100 places, along with a new primary school that will have capacity for a further 300 enrolled places, with operations also due to commence in 2028.


“We are experiencing rapid population growth in the Hills and these investments are important for our community,” Member for Kavel Dan Cregan said.


“A new preschool with 100 places and a new primary school with 300 places are particularly welcome. Upgrading Mount Barker High School will also help meet the clear need for more capacity in the area.”

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