Sesame Lane Regency Street celebrates Exceeding rating
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Sesame Lane Regency Street celebrates Exceeding rating in all seven quality areas

by Freya Lucas

July 02, 2024

The educators and leaders of Sesame Lane Regency Street are celebrating the recent outcome of an assessment and rating visit, which saw the service ranked as Exceeding the National Quality Standard in all seven areas. 


The team had just five days’ notice of their upcoming assessment and rating visit, and eagerly prepared to showcase their hard work and dedication to the Authorised Officer. Their goal was not just to comply with standards but to demonstrate the tangible benefits their service brings to all families and children, highlighting the positive impact on children’s development and well-being.


Sesame Lane Regency Street is a 201 place service which has 11 rooms, and over the past five years the team have been on “a remarkable journey” towards this result, which they attribute to prioritising the quality of experiences for children and fostering a community-centric approach.


“I am incredibly proud of our team and their accomplishments. They are a closely-knit, innovative group that consistently go the extra mile for both their families and the children in their care,” Head of Sesame Lane Kerri Smith said.


Some points of note throughout the assessment and rating process included: 


  • Throughout their journey, the service encountered challenges that they navigated with resilience and innovation. In the face of disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team identified a need within the community for access to sensory exploration opportunities for children. This led to the creation of a sensory room within the service, a space designed to meet the unique needs of children and provide specialised services, such as one-on-one sessions and baby massage classes.


  • Collaboration with occupational therapists and community partners has been a cornerstone of the service’s success, with initiatives like the Parent Collaboration Group designed to foster meaningful engagement and feedback from families. By working hand in hand with parents and professionals, the service has been able to tailor its offerings to better meet the diverse needs of children and families in the community.


  • A key aspect of the service’s achievements has been the successful implementation of the Curiosity Approach pedagogy. Over a period of nearly three years, the team has embraced this approach, creating nurturing environments that spark children’s curiosity and wonder. By aligning their philosophy with the concept of “environments as the third teacher,” the service has been able to provide enriching experiences that support children’s holistic development.


Extending her congratulations to the team Ms Smith said that through their commitment to excellence, “they have set a benchmark for early childhood education and care in the Moreton Bay region, exemplifying how passion and dedication can lead to exceptional outcomes for children and families.”


Learn more about Sesame Lane Regency Street here. For more information on Exceeding the National Quality Standard please see here

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