New picture book repositions ADHD as a child’s superpower
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New picture book repositions ADHD as a child’s superpower

by Freya Lucas

June 12, 2024

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) impacts approximately one in twenty Australian children, with an increasing number of adults also being diagnosed, often as a result of watching their own child’s challenges through school. 


For parent and author Elly Both, being diagnosed in her mid 40’s came as a relief, offering an explanation for what she had always believed were character flaws. 


“Growing up, I was either daydreaming or talking too much,” she said. 


“I didn’t think I was very smart, often losing my train of thought or forgetting words. I felt worried a lot and often my mind wasn’t a happy place to be. In a lot of ways, it was a relief to discover that I had ADHD and to be told there was nothing wrong with me; my brain just works differently from other people’s.” 


Her experience motivated her to create a new children’s book ‘A Kids Book about ADHD!’ which aims to help children aged between five and ten years to understand and embrace the unique qualities of living with ADHD. 


Designed for co-reading, the book is purposely simple to read, and aims to spark conversation and reflection thought-provoking questions such as:


  • What does ADHD mean to you?
  • Do you ever feel like you have your head in the clouds, or are bouncing off the walls?
  • What is your ADHD superpower?


Ms Both believes that ADHD is less of a deficit, and more of an opportunity to uncover hidden strength. The powerful skills which come from ADHD, such as creativity and ‘hyperfocus’ which is when a person with ADHD fixates on an interest or activity for an extended period, are things which she believes should be celebrated as insights into the potential of children, and as strengths. 


“I wanted to shine a light on the many positives that I see in ADHD,” she said. “Having ADHD doesn’t just mean having challenges – it also means having a unique way of seeing the world and existing in it.”


“I wrote this book to help kids with ADHD see their condition not as a hindrance, but as a superpower,” she added.


A Kids Book about ADHD is part of a broader series from “A Kids Co” which is thoughtfully designed to be read together by children and adults, promoting a shared understanding and acceptance of big topics.


Ms Both’s book is available from leading e-book retailers, including Booktopia from $21, and is also available as a hardcover book. To find out more about the book, and Elly’s online ADHD support community, expected to launch within the coming weeks, visit 

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