For Anouk’s educators, the TraCS service makes a huge difference
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For Anouk’s educators, the TraCS service makes a huge difference

by Freya Lucas

June 11, 2024

When Anouk displayed big behaviours as a result of the challenging circumstances happening in her young world the educators at her early childhood service were left fearful, and confused about where to turn. 


Her displays of distress and aggression overwhelmed the teaching team, and left them feeling torn between ensuring all the children in their care were safe, while also wanting to support Anouk and her family. 


The educator team sought the help of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s Trauma Consultancy Service (TraCS) to guide them through providing this support to Anouk, leaning on them for their expertise. 


By engaging with Anouk’s family and collaborating with the teaching team, the TraCS consultants delved into understanding Anouk’s experiences and began to recognise the ripple effects of trauma within the family dynamic.


“There was a lot of trauma that Anouk’s whole family had experienced. There was a lot of inconsistency at home,” Jemima, a Child and Family consultant in the TraCS team explained.


Jemima facilitated reflective sessions with the teaching team, fostering empathy and understanding of Anouk’s behaviours.


“We started to unpack that Anouk was trying to tell them she’s not OK. She can’t articulate it, so she’s going to show it.”


Armed with newfound understanding, the educators set out on a journey of connection and support. They reshaped the learning space, introducing sensory experiences in line with a more trauma-informed approach.


With guidance from Jemima and the TraCS team, her educators worked really hard in building connections with Anouk, getting to know her family a little bit more and really starting to support Anouk in the room.


Over time, Anouk’s demeanor shifted from aggression to engagement. As the year progressed, the educators witnessed simple yet remarkable changes. The teaching team celebrated four consecutive weeks of stability, a testament to the profound impact of TraCS intervention.


“We could see her really engaged in play, and she really started to open up. Previously, she’d never talked about home, but we started to see her talk about what was happening at home,” the educators shared.


The journey of connection and understanding culminated in a sense of empowerment, not just for the educators but also for Anouk.


“She actually started to seek out educators,” Jemima said. 


“So rather than getting really angry, she’d go to an educator and say she needed to go to the quiet area, and they’d go with her and read a book.”


To learn more about TraCS, or the Alannah & Madeline Foundation please visit the website

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