OWNA launches OWNA HQ - the new software standard
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OWNA launches OWNA HQ – the new software standard for larger multi-site providers

by Jason Roberts

June 03, 2024

OWNA, the award winning childcare management software provider, has launched its next generation enterprise platform to support owners and operators overseeing multi-site early childhood education and care (ECEC) centre networks. 


“We are thrilled to launch OWNA HQ, our brand new control panel designed for providers of larger education and care networks keen to maintain visibility and control of a wide range of important indicators central to group performance,” Kheang Ly, OWNA’s Chief Executive Officer said. 


“For a number of years our most frequently asked high level development request has been to build a tool that facilitates sophisticated but simple to use enterprise level insights and we are extremely proud that we are now in a position to have answered those calls.”


“Never before has OWNA’s platform been so well equipped to support the needs of larger multi-site providers. OWNA HQ sets a new market leading software standard that benefits from not just OWNAs years of experience but those of its user community too.”


Super User mode now a thing of the past as OWNA HQ steps in


Designed as a hub to support management of multi-site networks, the launch of OWNA HQ will immediately trigger the retirement of the current “super user” functionality and replace it with a fresh new modern and easy to navigate interface that consolidates key streams of network information. 


“It’s important to recognise that OWNA HQ is the first step of what we see as an important software journey that more closely matches the needs of larger ECEC providers,” Kheang said. 


“The ‘super user’ set up has served us well over the years but just like our user community we are continually looking for ways to innovate, evolve and improve.”


Organised around the OWNA HQ dashboard, multi-site operators will for the first time be able to see how their network of services stack up individually or relative to others when measured against a range of different benchmarks. 


Occupancy, enrolments, real time ratios, A&R performance, tracking and scheduling as well as up to date compliance check results are just some of the key data points that are now harnessed in the OWNA HQ dashboard for monitoring and insight purposes. 


OWNA HQ is the first step in a larger enterprise focussed software journey 


As OWNA HQ beds down its core use case by supporting multi-site operators to better monitor and service their networks, the team remain 100 per cent focused on building out the platform with ever more sophisticated and relevant insight modules.


“Internally we have always seen software development as an evolution not a revolution,” Kheang said.


“OWNA HQ will be exactly that. With its launch we have set a new standard in dashboard capabilities and will use this foundationary platform to build out a suite of super valuable features for our users.”


Next to come, and a first for the ECEC sector, will be a fully integrated workforce management tool combining a human resources information system, including payroll engine, built into OWNA HQ soon to be followed by an analytics and BI platform that will supercharge insights and decision support. 


“OWNA has long been the ECEC sector’s leading innovator. OWNA HQ cements that position and in so doing offers larger multi site operators a new software standard that truly differentiates itself in the current market place,” Kheang shared. 


To learn more about the powerful innovations OWNA has to take your ECEC service to the next level please visit the OWNA website

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