New resources to help children navigate big emotions
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New resources released to support children and families with mental health

by Freya Lucas

May 17, 2024

Sesame Workshop has released new resources during Mental Health Awareness Month to support children and families to navigate big emotions and difficult situations.


The resources have been made available as part of a multi-year emotional well-being initiative and include free videos, a digital storybook, printables, a laughter community service announcement (CSA) and guides to help young children and caregivers in times of emotional distress.


The collection provides both everyday tools and strategies designed to help children process what is happening around them when serious concerns arise and to offer children and families the resources they need to navigate the more ‘everyday’ instances which may challenge.


Recently Sesame Street character Elmo ‘checked in’ with users of social media platform X to get a gauge on how they were feeling, with the now viral response showing how pervasive mental health concerns are at all levels of society. 


Through its latest expansion of free emotional well-being resources, Sesame Workshop aims to support children, parents, and providers, using research-based tools and strategies to help them understand their feelings, not only in happy moments but also more complex times.


“The mental health crisis we’re facing today is top of mind for many, yet its impact on young children is often overlooked,” Sherrie Westin, President and Interim CEO of Sesame Workshop said. 


“We know developing a healthy mind, body, and heart, starts early. The presence of supportive, caring adults in children’s lives makes a world of difference in their emotional well-being.”  


Outlining the new resources 


The new resources include six videos and a digital storybook, featuring popular characters Elmo, The Count, Abby Cadabby, and other favorite Sesame Street friends.


In the “Count on This!” video series, which includes “Six-Second Hug”, “10-Second Hum,” and “3 Things” The Count demonstrates different strategies that children can use to self-soothe their minds and bodies, with help from The Countess and Elmo.


The Ocean Bottle” features Abby Cadabby, who shows Telly an easy way to slow down and focus our senses. An Ocean Bottle is made of simple household objects and allows our bodies and minds time to relax and reset.


In “Sofia the Feelings Helper,” Sofia, Sesame Street’s social worker, explains to Elmo and Karli the role of feelings helpers like herself in kids’ lives. “Shout-Out to the Feelings Helpers!” sends a thank you from Sesame Street to mental health providers, celebrating the work of “feelings helpers” everywhere.


Thanks, Feelings Helpers” is an interactive storybook that helps children understand the role of “feelings helpers” like therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other caring adults who support kids through tough times.


Other resources include: 


  • three animated “Caring for My Brain” videos (“Brain Food,” “Bedtime Meltdown,” and Twiddlebugs Get Moving”) addressing the connection between mental and physical health with a focus on nutrition, sleep, and movement;


  • four printables, including mental health and wellness activity pages for children; and articles to help guide parents on how to support and care for their children’s emotional well-being. 


An additional five animated videos will launch on on 17 June , covering topics from soothing big feelings with Big Bird to learning self-compassion with Rosita.


“By showing children how to not only manage big feelings but embrace their power in finding joy in even the toughest times, we can help them build a strong foundation to grow and blossom,” Jeanette Betancourt, Ed.D., Senior Vice President of U.S. Social Impact, Sesame Workshop said. 


“Mental health providers, or ‘feelings helpers,’ can play an important role guiding families on how to support children’s emotional well-being and helping children understand and cope with overwhelming emotions.”


Learn more at and follow Sesame Workshop on Instagram, X, Facebook, and TikTok.

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