WA Budget has strong education focus
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WA Budget has strong education focus

by Freya Lucas

May 10, 2024

The Western Australian Government has released its 2024-25 State Budget, which includes a total of $6.8 billion for education, an increase of $224 million from 2023-24.


In the early learning space, WA will boost funding for the Early Years Partnership with $15.6 million to support the program which works with children in the critical early stages of their development.


There will be an investment of $224.3 million to increase support for students with disabilities, along with a further $410 million in new and upgraded school facilities, boosting investment in Western Australia’s school infrastructure to $1.6 billion over the next four years.


A total of $6.8 billion has been allocated to school education in 2024-25, an increase of $224 million or 3.6 per cent from the previous year.


School students in isolated, regional and remote locations will benefit from a $10 million funding boost for the School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE).


Additional funding of $12.3 million will be invested in two new additional Intensive English Centres to help students learn standard Australian English and the skills and understandings they require to be successful.


In addition to these new schools and upgrades, the State Government will also invest an $79.6 million in new transportable buildings, to enable flexible and timely expansion of capacity in public schools.


The 2024-25 State Budget also includes $3.3 million to establish a new School of Swimming and Water Safety, to support delivery of high-quality water safety education across WA. 


This funding will benefit the 250,000 young Western Australians who access school and vacation swimming lessons each year, and also help to improve accessibility to ensure more young people learn how to swim and stay safe around water.


For more information, visit: ourstatebudget.wa.gov.au

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