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Anthony Albanese reconfirms Government commitment to educator wage reset

by Jason Roberts

May 07, 2024

A pre-budget press conference attended by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has included a positive reference to early childhood education and care (ECEC) wages in the context of gender equity and aged care wage increases.


In response to an observation from a journalist who noted that the Universities Accord recommended an initial focus on a series of female dominated sectors Mr Albenese noted that his Government “made no apologies for focusing on gender equity,” and that wages remained a central focus.  


“Just as the budget here is one element, the other element of course, is wages,” Mr Albanese said. “We have an aged care wage increase that’s been substantial. We’re looking, of course, at early educators as well.”


These comments were made against the backdrop of the expectations of a funded educator wage increase being confirmed in next week’s Budget rising across the ECEC sector.


To date we have seen high profile Budget related announcements focusing on student debt and professional placement prac placements as well as the launch of a new Early Years Strategy however until yesterday no specific reference had been made to educator wages. 


With seven days to go until the Budget is handed down, and Mr Albanese’s reference to the educator wage issue, the probabilities continue to favour an announcement confirming the policy in coming days. 


To read the Prime Minister’s remarks please see here

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