Men face local court on exploitation charges
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Men face Downing Centre Local Court in follow up hearing for child exploitation offences

by Freya Lucas

May 03, 2024

Two men have again faced Sydney’s Downing Centre District Court in relation to offences against children, some of which took place while one of the men was employed in an early childhood education and care (ECEC) setting. 


Before continuing with this story The Sector readers should be aware that the content may be confronting, and discusses crimes committed against children. A list of support services has been provided at the conclusion of the piece. 


The pair pleaded guilty to serious child abuse offences, and faced the court earlier this year, at which time a sentencing hearing was proposed for late April. 


Despite sitting for a full day, the Court was unable to get through the full list of offences and postponed delivery of the men’s sentences until next week, 7 May. 


The men, who are now aged 25 and 30, were arrested in New South Wales in June 2020 under national child protection taskforce, Operation Arkstone.


At the time of their arrest the pair were in a relationship with each other, the dynamics of which contributed to the offending, the court was told.


The older man, who worked in an ECEC setting as an educator, admitted to 195 acts of a sexual nature against 27 children. This included recording videos and taking photos of children. His crimes were uncovered when one of the children involved spoke to his mother, who then raised her concerns with the service. 


Following an investigation, the man was served a prohibition notice preventing him from working in ECEC and he resigned from the service in January 2019, after a two year period of employment.


Subsequent to his arrest the older man admitted sharing the material online and collaborating with a network of like-minded persons, the true extent of which was not known at the time of his arrest, the court was told.


The younger man pled guilty to 109 offences including sexual acts against seven children. A number of the victims were the children of the younger man’s sisters.


Judge Sarah Hopkins described the men as having engaged in “a predatory and persistent pattern of offending,” and as having “dehumanised” their victims. 


Each of the men reported having been exploited and abused themselves as children, however Judge Hopkins said she was compelled to sentence each to significant jail time to reflect the community’s abhorrence for such crimes and the need for general deterrence.


Final sentencing has been set for Tuesday, 7 May.


Visit the ACCCE website – – for a full list of available support services with contact details.


Members of the public who have information about people involved in child abuse and exploitation are urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or If you know abuse is happening right now or a child is at risk, call police immediately on 000.

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