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Froebel Australia launches new look to align to ‘dynamic digitalised landscape’

by Freya Lucas

April 15, 2024

Froebel Australia has undertaken a rebrand in order to respond to what it termed ‘the dynamic digitalised landscape’ while also maintaining a focus on children and their early education. 


Along with the rebrand, Froebel Australia has adopted a new motto – Froebel. For Children. The timing of the launch is in line with celebrations for Froebel Australia’s 15 year celebrations in Australia in May 2024. 


The new motto emphasises that children are central to Froebel Australia’s operations, and are at the centre of its commitment. 


“They are at the heart of our mission and responsibility. We advocate for children’s rights to self-determination and participation, and promote the value of childhood in its own right,” a statement from the organisation notes.”


“We embrace play as the primary avenue through which children learn, discover and navigate their world. Our namesake, Friedrich Fröbel, was a true trailblazer, revolutionising education with the invention of kindergarten as a place for children’s early learning led by qualified early childhood educators and teachers.”


The iconic Froebel gifts are represented by fundamental geometric shapes – circles, squares and triangles – to form the basis of the logo design and branding. 


“It appreciates our roots, celebrates the new, and reaffirms our purpose: For children,” a spokesperson said. 


To learn more about Froebel Australia please see here

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