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Landmark event focuses on expanding horizons in e-Perinatal Support

by Freya Lucas

April 10, 2024

The Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI), leading the STePPS CRE (Science Translation for e-Psychological Perinatal Supports), hosted a landmark event on March 21st, 2024, bringing together over 60 leading researchers, clinicians, policymakers, and stakeholders in perinatal mental health research.


The STePPS CRE Annual Showcase and Workshops focused on “Expanding Horizons in e-Perinatal Support,” highlighting the importance of digital technologies in delivering accessible and effective mental health resources for expecting and new parents.


Showcase Highlights


The STePPS CRE Annual Showcase convened over 60 experts, including researchers, clinicians, policymakers, and stakeholders, to share knowledge and foster collaboration on improving mental health support for expecting and new parents.


Ms. Julie Bignell (Austin Health Board Director) opened the event, followed by video messages from The Hon Ged Kearney MP, Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care, and The Hon Ingrid Stitt MP, Victorian Minister for Mental Health, emphasising the critical need for perinatal mental health initiatives.


Professor Jeannette Milgrom AM (PIRI) delivered a keynote address, “The Future of e-Psychological Interventions for Perinatal Mental Health,” outlining the STePPS CRE’s vision of generating knowledge, developing interventions, and implementing digital services within a comprehensive perinatal mental health system.


Marley Berger, a lived experience partner, offered a valuable personal perspective on perinatal mental health challenges.


The Showcase concluded with a panel discussion and Q&A featuring STePPS Investigators, a world-leading multidisciplinary team. Joining from around the globe, they offered further insights.


Charting the Course


Following a successful showcase, STePPS CRE Investigator team spent two days deep diving into key research areas. These included perinatal depression in mothers and partners, early intervention for infants, anxiety and trauma disorders, and family support systems.


The workshops focused on using global data to identify at-risk families and develop new interventions. They also explored how digital tools can work alongside traditional services to maximise effectiveness, considering cost-effectiveness.


The environment fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing, with a strong focus on ensuring future interventions are inclusive and accessible to all communities.


Looking Forward


The STePPS CRE Annual Showcase and Workshops fostered a spirit of collaboration and yielded valuable strategies to improve perinatal mental health support. With a focus on evidence-based e-solutions, workforce development, and building a more responsive mental health system that integrates seamlessly with traditional care, the STePPS CRE is committed to translating research findings into accessible and effective digital interventions.


The STePPS CRE envisions a future where expecting and new parents can access critical mental health support through user-friendly digital platforms, making perinatal mental healthcare accessible and effective for all families.


For more information please see here


Recordings from Government Ministers, Keynote Speaker and Early Career Researchers are available on the website.

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