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UNE to offer new Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) to fast track qualification

by Freya Lucas

March 14, 2024

The University of New England has developed a new  Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education and Care) which will give TAFE diploma-qualified early childhood educators greater recognition for their prior experience, enabling them to upskill to a university degree in two years (full-time) and undertake most professional placements in their workplace.


The new course, which is delivered online, aims to address the nation-wide shortage of early childhood teachers and is in line with the Federal Government’s priority to improve the professional qualifications of early childhood educators.


“It offers greater flexibility and support to educators, most of whom are women juggling professional and family commitments,” Professor Caroline Cohrssen from UNE explained. 


“We are confident this will build on foundational diploma qualifications and translate into more early childhood teachers entering the sector.”


Tailored opportunities


Students can choose how they will sequence the 16 short modules or micro-credentials (with practice-based assessments) and associated eight core units. These will cover Learning from Birth, Teaching Pedagogies, Creative Arts, Family and Community Contexts, Language and Communication, STEM, Leading and Managing Early Childhood Services and Applying Theories into Practice.


The course has a strong emphasis on child development and learning trajectories from birth, and course content directly aligns with the revised Early Years Learning Framework.


“Our course allows students to design their own study pathway, and to develop confidence by successfully completing modules in the order they choose,” Professor Cohrssen explained. 


“This supportive approach should ease the transition from diploma to degree level studies, build on existing knowledge and experience, and support success.”


Cost-effective and convenient


By embedding professional placements (“pracs”) within units and giving students the opportunity to undertake as many placements as possible in their workplace, UNE is responding to student and sector feedback. 


It avoids some of the cost and inconvenience of students having to take annual leave to undertake their placements in other services, and means centres will no longer need to back-fill absent staff.


“With close to 1,000 students currently enrolled in early childhood studies, UNE is one of the largest education providers in this space and is already making a significant contribution to addressing sector staffing shortages,” Course Coordinator Dr Jo Bird said. 


“However, the National Skills Commission has highlighted that early childhood teachers will remain in strong demand in the foreseeable future, with educators and teachers in the top 7 per cent of all occupations in short supply.”


Diploma-qualified early childhood educators can enter the UNE course at the equivalent of the third year of the bachelor’s degree and complete all their studies online.


More information on this course is available here.

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