SDN Riverwood rated as Exceeding in all seven quality areas
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SDN Riverwood rated as Exceeding in all seven quality areas

by Freya Lucas

March 13, 2024

SDN Riverwood Children’s Education and Care Centre has received a rating of ‘Exceeding the National Quality Standard’ in all seven quality areas, following its assessment and rating in February.


The result is especially significant given that it is a repeat of the assessment and rating visit the service undertook in 2018, following which Riverwood successfully applied for an Excellent rating in 2021.


SDN CEO Kay Turner said SDN Riverwood has worked tirelessly for this result, saying “this is a true reflection of the consistently high-quality SDN Riverwood offers to a diverse community.”


For SDN operations manager Colin Lee the latest Exceeding rating is a reflection of the embedded high-quality practices the team displays daily.


“The SDN Riverwood team is very excited their work has been recognised with this rating,” he said.


The 60-place south Sydney-based service was recognised by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA for its:


  • Strong community partnerships that support and promote parenting and family wellbeing


  • Educational program that draws on the voices, priorities and strengths of children and families. 


  • Involvement of children in the decision-making process in the recruitment of staff 


  • Deep commitment to building and sustaining reciprocal relationships with community groups.


In its evidence summary SDN Riverwood outlined its efforts to draw upon the voices and perspectives of children and families in decisions that impact them.


Children and family members were actively involved in the recruitment of a new early childhood teacher, and engage in other advocacy activities in the community such as petitioning the Council for the introduction of a pedestrian crossing and a ten-minute parking spot at the front of the service, as well as advocating for bathroom renovations including screens between toilets which enhance children’s rights to privacy and dignity.


SDN Riverwood Centre Director, Christie Sherfan said she was proud of staff, children, families and the wider community for the result, saying “we will continue to strive for exceeding practices every day to ensure we improve outcomes for all children and families.”

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