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New leadership development program for Victoria’s educational leaders

by Freya Lucas

January 17, 2024

QUT School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education has partnered with the Early Learning and Care Council of Australia (ELACCA) and the Victorian Department of Education to deliver a comprehensive leadership development program tailored for educational leaders in Victoria’s early childhood workforce.


The Victorian Educational Leaders Program (VELP) has been created to help build the capacity and confidence of educational leaders in early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings, and builds on the successful From the Ground Up leadership development program, co-designed by QUT and ELACCA.


QUT will lead the co-design, delivery and evaluation of the VELP, working closely with ELACCA and the Department to ensure its success. 


“The collaborative effort aims to contribute to the ongoing professional development of early childhood educational leaders, supporting them in their crucial role in young children’s education and care,” QUT Associate Professor Megan Gibson said. 


Associate Professor Gibson led a five year investigation into high quality early childhood services in Australia, which identified that strong leadership and professional development builds a top workforce able to tackle increasing complexities of being an early childhood educator.


The partnership between QUT, ELACCA and the Victorian Department of Education signifies a shared commitment to advancing early childhood education and promoting leadership excellence within the sector, and to developing strong leadership skills in the ECEC workforce. 


“The program’s linkage between QUT, government, the workforce and providers is a critical success element, closing the collaborative loop and providing support for the early years’ workforce,” ELACCA chief executive officer Ms Elizabeth Death said. 


Speaking on behalf of QUT Senior Manager of Continuing Professional Education Mrs Kristy Hammond said that continuing and professional education is vital to providing the best outcomes for educators and children alike.


“We are thrilled to join forces with the Victorian Department of Education and continue our partnership with the Early Learning and Care Council of Australia to deliver this transformative leadership program,” Mrs Hammond said.


“By combining QUT’s expertise in education with the department’s commitment to the Best Start, Best Life reforms, we will empower educational leaders in the early childhood sector to drive positive change and elevate the quality of education provided to young learners.”


VELP will begin as a two-year program, with the option to extend into the future, and is part of the Victorian Government’s Best Start, Best Life reforms. Image shows QUT Associate Professor Megan Gibson (L) , and Elizabeth Death, CEO, Early Learning & Care Council of Australia (R).

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