Young Academics shares Reconciliation journey
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Young Academics shares Reconciliation journey

by Freya Lucas

January 15, 2024

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Young Academics has shared the steps it has taken to work towards Reconciliation with the First Nations people of Australia. 


The initial step for the provider was to make a commitment to “educate ourselves, our staff, and the families we serve” in a bid to learn more about the histories, cultures, and perspectives of First Nations people in Australia. 


Young Academics representatives engaged in workshops, invited guest speakers, and provided resources to foster a deeper understanding of the impact of colonisation on First Nations communities. 


The next step was to incorporate First Nations perspectives into the curriculum offerings of each service, ensuring that children are exposed to diverse narratives and traditions, and actively seeking feedback from First Nations communities and communications to enrich the provider’s understanding of their cultural needs and preferences. 


“Our commitment to reconciliation extended to building meaningful partnerships with local Indigenous (sic.) communities,” a spokesperson shared. 


“We initiated conversations, attended community events, and invited Indigenous elders and knowledge keepers to share their wisdom with our staff and families. Establishing these connections allowed us to create an authentic and respectful dialogue. “


Aspects such as acknowledging Country, using First Nations arts and crafts, and celebrating cultural events are now part of the program. 


Relevant First Nations languages are incorporated into daily interactions with the children and families through simple greetings, expressions and words in a bid to promote linguistic diversity and respect. 


Young Academics will continue its Reconciliation journey, reflecting, improving and refining. 


“Our reconciliation journey is a continuous process of reflection and improvement. We regularly assess our practices, seeking feedback from families and staff to identify areas where we can enhance our commitment to reconciliation. This ongoing dialogue is essential for our growth and evolution,” a spokesperson noted. 


A core aspect of this continuous improvement is a commitment to transparency and to open and honest communication with families, staff, and the wider community about goals, challenges, and achievements. This transparency, Young Academics believes, fosters trust and invites collaboration as the provider collectively works towards a more inclusive future. 


“Our journey with reconciliation at Young Academics is a continuous and evolving process. By committing to cultural responsiveness, fostering partnerships, and creating an inclusive environment, we aim to contribute to the broader movement of reconciliation in our society,” the spokesperson said. 


“Together with our families, staff, and the communities we serve, we strive to create a childcare (sic.) space that respects and celebrates the diversity and resilience of Indigenous (sic.) peoples. This journey is a shared commitment to creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all children under our care.”

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