Tips for the end of the year - minimising harm and hazard
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Tips for the end of the year – minimising harm and hazard

by Freya Lucas

December 21, 2023

For the many early childhood education and care (ECEC) services who elect to only close for the public holidays, the Christmas and New Year period can be a useful time to attend to tasks which may go unattended during more busy periods. 


Reviewing the service premises and resources for harm and hazard should be a part of daily compliance routines, but there are some smaller elements which may go unnoticed. 


Consider inspecting and actioning the following during the quiet times: 


  • Are there any large containers with lids that could crush fingers or hands, trap a child, or cause injuries? Some items to look for may be toy boxes or chests or large plastic storage tubs
  • Are there sharp edges or corners on furniture or equipment? Could these be made safer with safety guards? 
  • Are there locking devices on drawers, windows, doors and gates? 
  • How are goods such as batteries or pain stored? How are these ethically and sustainably disposed of when no longer needed? 
  • Are powerpoints in reach of children covered? Is there any damaged wiring, or frayed cords, present in equipment in the service? 
  • Does your service have a process after tradespeople leave to ensure any hazards left behind are attended to? 


Changes can also occur in the outdoor environment, especially over time or following adverse weather conditions. Consider the following: 


  • Do you have existing equipment set up in a new location? Might this have created a hazard which wasn’t present before? 
  • Are there spaces in the yard where buildup can occur over time, and as a result, create a climbing hazard, or reduce fencing height? 
  • If a garden bed or similar structure has been placed near a fence does it create a climbing risk?


For more information or support, consider the following resources: 


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