Three new food safety rules from FSANZ - are you across them?
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Three new food safety rules from FSANZ – are you across them?

by Freya Lucas

December 21, 2023

Businesses – including early childhood education and care (ECEC) services – who serve or handle unpackaged, ready-to-eat food requiring temperature control need to comply with three new rules set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).  


Introduced on 8 December 2023, Standard 3.2.2A of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code means most outlets that prepare and serve food in NSW need to have a qualified Food Safety Supervisor; ensure their food handlers have sufficient skills and knowledge; be able to demonstrate safe food practices. 


Currently all cafes, bakeries, pubs, clubs, restaurants and takeaways are required to have a Food Safety Supervisor, however the new requirements will also impact on food businesses which previously did not require a Food Safety Supervisor. 


ECEC services that provide food, school canteens, supermarkets, greengrocers, delis, coffee vendors serving food, and boarding schools will also need to appoint a Food Safety Supervisor, but have until 8 December 2024 to do so. 


Fundraising events associated with charitable or not-for-profit organisations will be exempt from these new requirements, however these groups will still need to ensure they sell safe food and meet the other requirements of the Food Standards Code. 


New requirements involving food handlers having sufficient skills and knowledge, and food businesses being able to demonstrate that food is safe, also came into effect earlier this month.  


The NSW Food Authority has a range of resources to help businesses – including a free online food handler training course.  


The NSW Food Authority has also developed a guideline to help food businesses navigate this new standard. 


For more information please see here

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