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ECEC Provider in Focus: Braidwood Preschool

by Freya Lucas

December 15, 2023

Braidwood Preschool is a 50-place community-based Preschool operating five days a week, during New South Wales school terms.


The preschool was last assessed and rated in 2020, and was rated as Meeting the National Quality Standard. 


What is the history of Braidwood Preschool? 


The preschool building was opened in 1977 as the result of advocacy efforts by parents and the community, and continues to receive and appreciate strong support in the community including from its Preschool Association Committee and from local businesses.


What is the Braidwood Preschool vision and approach to learning? 


The preschool believes that secure relationships based on connection is a strong foundation for children’s sense of belonging and to enable future learning. 


Respect and tolerance, kindness and compassion are the important principles which guide all interactions within the Preschool. The long term aim of these principles is that the children will be able to express their needs and feelings in a considerate manner and be able to use problem-solving and negotiation skills, through support and guidance from educators.


Play is viewed as the fundamental medium for children’s learning and development, and the process of creating, rather than an emphasis on the end product, is seen as valuable. 


Children’s interests are used to drive the program, along with intentional teaching, with the aim of challenging childrens’ skills, stimulating their curiosity and thinking, and providing the opportunity for them to reach their full potential.


Are there any unique aspects to the Braidwood Preschool offer?


The Preschool has a strong connection to the local community, and participates in a number of activities which drive connections including an Open Garden program, a Yarning Circle garden, an in nature program, and support from organisations such as Veolia Mulwaree Trust. 


Learn more about Braidwood Preschool here

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