BenQ brings a world of educational tools with Google Play Store
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BenQ brings a world of educational tools and apps with official Google Play Store

by Jason Roberts

November 15, 2023
BenQ boards for child care and kindergarten

BenQ has confirmed its next generation of interactive displays will now include full support for Google Mobile Services (GMS) and that BenQ is now officially certified by the Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA).


This means that all new BenQ interactive displays will feature, for the first time in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, settings which allow seamless access to all of Google’s collection of features and apps via a new and improved touchscreen interface. This includes access to the official Google Play Store.


The development is being seen as a game changer for early childhood teachers, educational leaders and educators responsible for formulating and delivering visual learning experiences to children, and as a signal to the broader community that BenQ are committed to supporting the sector wherever it can. 


“We are extremely proud to confirm that our next generation of interactive displays will enable super easy access to the vast range of educational resources housed within the Google Play and Google Classroom platforms,” Jonathan Lee, Business Manager for Interactive Display ANZ at BenQ said.


“Make no mistake, this really is game changing for us, and of course for our user community, and cements our position as being the leading interactive display provider for early learning settings, not just in Australia, but globally too.”


Google Play and BenQ boards


Google Play, Google’s Core Services and Google’s Collaboration tools now all included


The new EDLA certified BenQ displays now offer educators the opportunity to deliver learning experiences that combine the power of BenQ software and hardware with official Google services for education.


Of key importance and value to teachers and educators looking to deliver engaging visual experiences to the children in their care is the virtually unlimited range of educational resources included in Google Play Store that will now be accessible, in many cases, completely free. 


“The Google Play Store is the go-to content destination for teachers where they can search and use a huge range of literacy and numeracy apps, YouTube Edu videos, speaking books and much more,” Mr Lee said. 


“We even have access to AI smarts through the built-in whiteboard, which now can translate resources into different languages, and even do amazing things like have written text read aloud for everyone in class to hear.”


In addition, official support for Google’s core Google Drive, Maps, Meet, and YouTube applications will be available through a sleek new interface that is designed for educators and early childhood teachers to easily navigate and to create, deliver and store first class visual learning experiences for children.  


BenQ boards for child care


Next generation boards are healthier than ever with both eye-care and clean air features


BenQ Boards are the only interactive displays for education with a full fledged set of health-focused ClassroomCare® features aimed at creating healthy learning environments.


Both the Pro and Master Series are equipped with Eyesafe® Certified 2.0 screens that help to protect childrens’ and teachers’ eyes from high-energy blue light, which has been shown to cause eye strain and long-term vision-related issues – all achieved without compromising on colour and visual performance.


The BenQ Board Pro also features air quality sensors that monitor the levels of CO2, PM2.5, and other toxic pollutants in the classroom helping educators to take action to keep students more alert, improving their cognitive ability and safeguarding their respiratory health. The RP04 takes this one step further with its built-in air ioniser that helps reduce particulate matter in classrooms.


“The advances in health related technology within our boards have been consistent over the last 10 plus years in the education space,” Mr Lee said. 


“BenQ, as an organisation, takes our responsibilities to support education whilst maintaining safety very seriously. Our new boards reflect that commitment.” 


Learn more about BenQ’s new Google-Certified EDLA Boards here , or read a recent article that helps explain how BenQ boards can be purchased more easily than one might think.  

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