Glen Education Carnegie celebrates Exceeding rating
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Glen Education Carnegie celebrates Exceeding rating

by Freya Lucas

October 12, 2023

Educators and leaders from Glen Education Carnegie Kindergarten are celebrating after achieving an Exceeding rating in a recent assessment and rating visit. 


The attending authorised officer noted the deeply authentic relationships between the leadership team, educators and other staff that are based on the principles of mutual respect, equity, and fairness. 


The lively culture of professional inquiry that exists between the other centres managed by the approved provider was also noted, with educators from all services participating in professional conversations and sharing skills, pedagogical approaches, and expertise. 


Involved leaders with expertise were noted for being heavily involved in the service’s operations, including regularly participating in the children’s programs and interacting with them, modelling their commitment to best practice and quality improvement. 


Each educator in the service demonstrated a strong knowledge of children as individuals, consistently using this information to inform the implementation of the educational program. Educators reflected on meaningful ways to maximise the opportunities for children to participate in group experiences, and regularly offered children’s choices regarding the resources, experiences, routines, and spaces in ways that promoted their engagement and learning. 


Educators used these opportunities to build relationships with children, support their vocabulary and sense of identity, and collect information to inform their planning. At all times, interactions between all educators and children were warm and nurturing. 


The approved provider promoted critically reflective discussions about pedagogy, curriculum approaches, theories, and best practice. As a result, educators’ practice was intentional and supported children to achieve their individual goals, which were regularly reviewed, reflected, and celebrated. 


Finally, cultural safety was promoted by incorporating resources in their newsletters to communicate to parents the importance of respecting the diversity in their community and families’ compositions.


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