Nicki’s Clever Cookies thrives with Achievement Program support
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Nicki’s Clever Cookies thrives with Achievement Program support

by Freya Lucas

September 22, 2023

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) service Nicki’s Clever Cookies have been active members of the Healthy Early Childhood Services Achievement Program since 2020, recently gaining recognition in the Healthy Eating and Oral Health priority areas. 


Healthy physical environment


The Service worked hard to create a healthy physical environment by offering a variety of vegetables in their meals. The in-house cook reviews the menu every two terms to ensure proper nutrition is provided to the children as well as analysing the children’s likes/dislikes and discovering other ways she could encourage vegetables in the meal. 


Educators also ensure meal spaces are comfortable and cozy by setting up natural materials on the table (such as tablecloth and potted plants), allowing children to have their meal in a calming environment. 


During mealtimes, educators engage with children in healthy eating conversations, giving lots of encouragement and teaching children the importance of a healthy diet. Each child also has their own individual water bottles, labelled and filled at the start of the day. These bottles are always placed at a convenient location that is easily accessible by children.


Since implementing changes Toddler Room leader Anna has noticed that the children are more interested in fruit and vegetables, and enjoy being part of the routine of washing fruit and cutting veggie sticks. 


Healthy culture


The service supports a healthy culture by ensuring educators and management are aware of the dietary requirements and preferences of each child, and substituting birthday cakes with “awesome birthday celebratory hats” and healthy homemade pancake stacks. Oral hygiene discussions and annual dental visits, where the dentist talks about teeth and gum health, are a priority at the service.


Child teaching and learning


To increase exposure to healthy eating, each room engages in an age-appropriate healthy eating activity with the children. 


In the three year old Kindergarten space there is a “Vegetable/Fruit of the Week” activity on a weekly basis, where children use their touch senses to identify the vegetable or fruit hiding in the box. 


The Service reports that allowing children to be a part of the process encourages them to have more interest in giving the vegetable or fruit a try. Sometimes, they harvest their food item and pass it to the Cook for it to be prepared in their meal.


A veggie garden has also been planted on both sides of the building which encourages more conversations around healthy food options. The children are involved in the process of planting, nurturing, and watering, and harvesting once it’s ready.


Backed by strong sources


The recipes used by the Service Cook are sourced by multiple organisations: Nutrition Australia, Healthy Eating Advisory Service (HEAS), Heart Foundation and Healthy Kids. Each room also has age-appropriate healthy eating activities, and the educators and staff members access professional development on planning healthy menus.


Connection to community and families 


Nicki’s Clever Cookies partners with families and the local community by providing information about good oral hygiene and healthy eating at home. A recipe book, with children’s favourite dishes is given to the families along with lists of activity ideas to encourage healthy eating at home. 


As the staff at Nicki’s Clever Cookies learn of the different cultures around the Service, they have adapted them into the cooking as well. The Cook tries to incorporate as many elements as possible of culture into her cooking, using different herbs and spices to enhance flavours, which the children love.


Information displayed or provided to the families are from reliable sources such as Dental Health Services Victoria and HEAS. Lists of local food supplies such as Foodbank, Fare Share, Second Bite and The Community Grocer have been compiled if families require it.


“Consistent positive encouragement and support is so important in promoting healthy eating,” Cook Larisa explained.


She has also spent lots of time speaking with the children and exploring their likes and dislikes, and being positive and patient with their responses. 


In future Nicki’s Clever Cookies will continue their Achievement Program journey by working towards recognition for the Physical Activity and Movement health area.


To learn more about the Achievement Program please see here

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