WA announces revised Kindergarten guidelines
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WA announces revised Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines following EYLF refresh

by Freya Lucas

August 21, 2023

The Western Australian Government has announced revised Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines which will strengthen teaching of digital literacy, cultural responsiveness, environmental education and mental health following the Australian Government’s review of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia V1.0 (EYLF). 


After consulting with early childhood teachers and school leaders across school systems/sectors, the revisions to the guidelines were published in draft form late in 2021, as the Australian Government was reviewing the EYLF. The updated guidelines reflect the changes in EYLF V2.0, which was released in January 2023.


“As a former teacher of 27 years, it’s vital that we recognise the relationship between children’s families and the school as a starting point for children’s learning,” said WA Minister for Early Childhood Education Sabine Winton. 


“The guidelines offer flexible support for kindergarten children at the start of their exciting journey as lifelong learners (and) aim to establish a solid foundation for children to prepare for their transition to compulsory education in pre-primary (to) be built on throughout the compulsory years of school.”


The guidelines, launched on Friday, are now available for use in all Western Australian kindergartens, supporting teachers and educators to develop curriculum, and facilitate the optimal learning and development of kindergarten children in WA.


Access the revised guidelines here. 

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