Early Childhood Educators Day September 6
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Planting the seeds for positive change: educators to be celebrated on 6 September

by Freya Lucas

August 10, 2023

Early Childhood Educators’ Day is on the horizon, with approved providers around Australia considering how they will celebrate and appreciate their educators on 6 September. 


Early Childhood Educators’ Day is an annual initiative of the Australian Childcare Alliance. It celebrates the work of Australia’s educators in early learning services and their important role in supporting children’s well-being, learning and development in the early years.  


The 2023 theme for Educators’ Day is ‘Planting the seeds for a better future,describing the work early childhood educators do in growing a lifelong love of learning in every child.


Families and caregivers are strongly encouraged to get involved with Educators’ Day and to make a special effort to say ‘thank you’ to the educators who care for and teach their children.


There are lots of ways families can say thank you on the day or week of Wednesday the 6 September. Some suggestions for families include: 


  • Contributing to educator gifts or treats for a morning tea being held on the day 
  • Donate a ‘Planting the seeds for a better future’ themed gift to the centre or individual educators 
  • Add positive comments to the Facebook page of the service (or other social media channel) on the day to ensure educators feel appreciated
  • Make a ‘thank you’ card or a homemade gift 
  • Create some art a drawing, painting or decoration 
  • Pick some flowers from the garden or donate some safe potted plants to decorate the centre 
  • Make or bake something delicious to bring in on the day
  • Decorate and colour one of the printable cut-out shapes on the Educators’ Day Resources webpage  


Services might like to consider the following ways to appreciate their educators: 


  • Gift them a plant or seedling native to the local area 
  • Host a luncheon or morning tea
  • Make a donation in their honour to a local charity who are working to create a positive future for children 
  • Provide them with a gift voucher for a local business, promoting the positive future of small businesses in your community 
  • Involve the team in creating a staff retreat space
  • Hold a pamper session for educators consider inviting in a mobile massage team


There are many ways for services and families to thank and acknowledge their educators on this special day. For more support, information or resources visit the dedicated Early Childhood Educators’ Day website

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