Affinity celebrates Educator Day with thanks, gifts and story sharing
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Affinity celebrates Early Childhood Educator Day with thanks, gifts and story sharing

by Jason Roberts

September 04, 2019

Affinity Education has joined many other organisations across the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector and beyond with expressing thanks and gratitude to its over 3,000 educators as part of today’s Early Childhood Educators Day activities. 


Early Childhood Educators Day was originally created by peak body, the Australian Childcare Alliance and aims to create an opportunity to formally recognise and celebrate the work of Australia’s early childhood educators for their tireless contribution to the education, wellbeing and development of the young children in their care.  


Early Childhood Educators Day makes up an important milestone in Early Learning Matters  Week, an initiative pioneered by the Early Learning: Everyone Benefits campaign, which seeks to increase public awareness and understanding of the benefits of investing in early learning. 


The Affinity team members are expected to enjoy a day of appreciation with children and families alike through a series of events held at their centres combined with the receipt of gifts and personal messages from support office and beyond. 


Education Manager Fiona Young said “It’s not every job that allows you to shape the lives of children and nurture them to grow. The work of our early childhood educators is so important to build a foundation for lifelong learning in the children of today.”


In addition, the Group has recognised three educators with special messages and stories to tell. 


Damneet Kaur and Monika Tandon who are assistant educators at Kids Academy Penrith take great pride in their cultural heritage and take every opportunity to share their stories of festivals and traditions with the children to promote understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity. 


Educator trainee Elizabeth Watson at Kids Academy Preschool at Glenmore, New South Wales, holds a Bachelor of Art History and is a passionate practitioner of Art Therapy in which she holds an Advanced Diploma and puts into practice regularly through sessions with the children at her centre. 


And Diona Driver, Centre Manager at Premier Early Learning Centre Moruya, New South Wales, shares her passion after 27 years as an educator, seeing it more as a lifestyle than a job. 

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