Team agreement wall enhances unity at Guardian Maroubra West
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Team agreement wall enhances cohesion at Guardian Maroubra West

by Freya Lucas

July 26, 2023

Centre Manager Joanne Nassar and her team at Guardian Childcare and Education Maroubra West are passionate about team culture, something which is particularly important in navigating the current challenging staffing conditions of early childhood education and care (ECEC).


For Ms Nassar, who attended the service as a child, the team is the biggest strength of the centre, and driving a positive team culture is something that she is dedicated to. To support this space, the team recently decided to initiate a new project, the ‘Team Agreement Wall’.


Demonstrating inclusivity and a respect for individual opinions, each team member took part in coming up with an initiative that would support a strong, trusting team culture. Also up for discussion was how it would be used, with everyone’s input welcomed.


On the Team Agreement Wall, which is easily visible and accessible in the team room, team members post messages about what they find most important in their workplace. Themes include the importance of communicating, treating each other with respect, supporting each other to develop their skills and caring for the environment in which they all work.

The idea for the wall was developed after Ms Nassar recognised that team members needed some new energy and ideas to grow their team bond. 


“We wanted the team to reignite their passion again and become more close-knit; the Team Agreement Wall is a piece to ensure each of our educators – including all newcomers – had a voice and it was heard and respected. I wanted my team to love it here as much as I do.”


At each team meeting, the team check-in with each other to ensure the Agreement Wall is being followed and to invite any new suggestions too. The agreements on the wall represent everyone in the team; it genuinely reflects a piece of each person.


It is also beneficial for new team members, as they get a solid indication of what to expect from the team culture on their very first day – they too are invited to add a note to the Team Agreement Wall.


In fact, potential new candidates for the centre are often taken into the team room and given the opportunity to read the Team Agreement, then asked if their values align with those held by the centre.


This, Ms Nassar says, has been something that new starters have responded to “positively, and enthusiastically”. 


“One new Educator said she felt really comfortable joining the team at Maroubra West because the openly visible values of each of her colleagues helped her get a sense of what her new team members and the centre would be like,” she explained.


“We have definitely grown closer. The Team Agreement has added so much value and a sense of belonging for each member of our team. It makes us all feel supported like a family – and we are all about being a family community! We look forward to continuing to grow together as a close and respected team where everyone has a voice.” 


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