Guardian unveils new brand Aspire to BE as part of unity push
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Guardian unveils new brand Aspire to BE as part of unity push

by Freya Lucas

May 24, 2021

Guardian Childcare and Education has unveiled a new brand direction, designed to unite its teams under the one brand message and cement a purpose and united culture.


Aspire to BE was developed after extensive research into family and team engagement, and reflects the growth and development of Guardian since its inception in 2004, during which time the direction of Guardian has changed, moving from being a small group of managed services in the early days to now being a network of over 120 fully owned centres via both acquisition and new builds.


A number of custom built centres are also due to open in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland during the remainder 2021.


The guiding questions throughout the rebrand process, CEO Warren Bright explained, were “what do we stand for and why do we do what we do?”


Key to the positioning was to ensure the brand not only met the needs of families and children, but also resonated with and inspired educators, a representative from Guardian added, outlining that the consultation process considered views and perspectives from educators, the network’s leadership council, families and children. 


The intention of the resulting re-brand, Aspire to BE is to “capture everything from how the business designs and delivers its curriculum, through to the purpose, mindsets and guiding principles that unite the teams.”


Aspire to BE is about paying attention to and elevating the incredible work done by early childhood educators every day at Guardian, and ensuring teams feel inspired to turn up and create incredible experiences for children and families every day,” the spokesperson noted. 


Along with elevating the work done by educators, the brand refresh aims to position children as capable learners with a curiosity and thirst for discovering new ideas during those formative first five years.


The brand refresh was based on extensive external, market and internal research, which provided valuable insights into what Guardian families and teams emotionally connect with.


Mr Bright is hopeful the new brand will inspire and enable teams, build team and family loyalty, and see Guardian establish a unique voice within the sector.


“We all bring different skills, passions and experiences to work each day – and are united in supporting our children to be creative, curious and brave in their learning,” he added.


“We never take for granted what a wonderful privilege it is to be able to support and enable the best possible future for Australia’s children.”


To learn more about Guardian Childcare and Education, please see here

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